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Between Selenium and TOSCA, which automation tool is better and why?

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You can see the below-mentioned comparison and then you can decide for yourself in order to choose which any among them:-


  1. Selenium is an open-source tool.

  2. Selenium relies heavily on coding.

  3. But, it doesn't have any dedicated support. R&D was the only option.

  4. Also, it does not have any inbuilt reporting.

  5. Selenium doesn't have any specific/particular framework.

  6. It doesn't have any inbuilt object repository. So when the number of scripts becomes too large sometimes it becomes difficult to manage.


  1. TOSCA is a licensed tool.

  2. The amount of coding involved in TOSCA is 0.

  3. You have dedicated support from the Tricentis team.

  4. They have inbuilt reporting. With they have the dashboard for viewing other information like timings graph pie charts.

  5. The framework is more or less defined and is suggested by the support team.

  6. The object library is available.

I am also mentioning a video tutorial for you which you can refer to clear your doubts regarding both.


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