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I have a contact us/Inquiry form in my website. I want to generate a lead in Sales force CRM on submission of this form.

What I have tried ?

I have checked in salesforce doc and Google it I found something



But I did not get clear documentation for integrating it with PHP.

If any one integrated this please help me out !!

Thanks !!

Note: I have worked with force.com and salesfoce.com so i can understand foce.com API easily but i am not getting any link for API.

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If you need to do lead generation, you can skip the use of API if you don't want it. 

To do so, without API, you’ll have to download the toolkit to connect it with Salesforce from your PHP and you will get below files in the toolkit:

1- SforceBaseClient.php

2- SforceHeaderOptions.php

3- SforcePartnerClient.php

4- partner.wsdl.xml

After downloading, you'll also get an example file which would be a good example for you to connect and post your data.

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