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Could someone tell me what is YARN in Hadoop and what is the use of it?

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YARN is one of the core components of the open-source Apache Hadoop distributed processing frameworks which helps in job scheduling of various applications and resource management in the cluster. YARN was initially called ‘MapReduce 2’ since it took the original MapReduce to another level by giving new and better approaches for decoupling MapReduce resource management for scheduling capabilities from the data processing unit.

YARN is a very important aspect of the enterprise Hadoop setup that is used for the resource management process. It is a central platform for consistent operations, data governance, security, and other aspects of the Hadoop cluster. YARN can extend the Hadoop ecosystem to newer technologies used in the data centers. It is a consistent platform that is used for writing data access applications that run in Hadoop.

Here is an awesome tutorial on Apache Hadoop which you can refer to know all about YARN and Hadoop, in this tutorial you will get to know all the concepts right from the basics. If you are looking to have a professional certification in Hadoop then you must look at the following Big Data Hadoop Training Course. Here is a video tutorial on Hadoop which you can also watch to clear all your basic concepts. 


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