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What are the Challenges you faced in Selenium automation? How did you solve them?

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I started doing selenium automation 1 year back which includes Web, Mobile Web and Native App automation. Based on this on a high level, I can say these are the problems I have faced with selenium automation:-

  • I spend the majority of my valuable testing time fixing flaky tests.

  • I was unable to make automation progress due to the lack of skilled programmers to write automated tests.

  • It was tough for me that I was not finding enough support in the open-source community when new libraries and updates break existing tests and you have no idea what to do.

  • Some times I was not able to get visual validation when a step fails, to visually understand the exact reason for the failure.

  • Insufficient logging information when your tests fail.

If you also want to get into the Selenium testing field then I will recommend you to get the right course to avoid such kind of issues during your testing journey. In order to get the training, you can take up Intellipaat’s Selenium training Course. You can also watch the following video tutorial to know more about Selenium.


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