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I'm a little confused. We downloaded the WSDL file from Salesforce and created a web reference to it using a file path as suggested. It created what I understood to be the proxy classes, but not the SforceService class.

Someone else suggested that you have to use the WSDL.exe to generate the class file which I did and it now works.

What I don't understand is why?

Didn't the process of created a web reference configure the proxies as needed? Why the extra step?

Any advice?

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The SalesforceService class is generated if you add web reference (which is on the advanced button on add service reference dialog) and if you add service reference, then you also get a different set of objects and a different programming model.

All .NET samples on Salesforce site use add web reference style proxies, but if you would use WCF or service reference style, that would be fine too.

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