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What is the difference between WebDriver and RemoteWebDriver in Selenium?

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The difference between WebDriver and RemoteWebDriver in Selenium is as follows:-


  • WebDriver represents is an object which represents the browser in Selenium. Using that object you can control the Web browser.

  • WebDriver is an interface of the org.openqa.selenium.* package. Upon instantiating the implementations of this class the browser will be launched.

  • FirefoxDrive, ChromeDriver, InternetExplorerDriver, SafariDriver, OperaDriver, HtmlUnitDriver, RemoteWebDriver are few implementations of the WebDriver Interface.


  • RemoteWebDriver is the WebDriver object to control the desired browser in the node PC over the Grid using the Capability(settings) and Hostname or IP of the Selenium HUB running.

  • By using RemoteWebDriver object instantiation, you can control any browser in the node PC which is on Windows, Mac, Linux etc.. platforms.

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