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What are the hard and challenging scenarios in selenium testing?

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Below are some of the hard and challenging scenarios in selenium testing which I faced:-

  • Dealing with pop-up windows

  • Testing dynamic text or content

  • How to go about testing Flash

  • Capturing screenshots, either to file or in some form of a report

  • Running a test case repeatedly with some minor changes. 

  • Using suites of pre-cooked data or generating it on the fly for Data Driven Testing.

  • Generating useful test status reports

  • Setting up Remote Control

  • Setting up Grid

  • handling Alerts Popups

  • Switching between windows

To avoid such kind of challenges you must learn Selenium by the best Selenium course. I am mentioning a Selenium tutorial which you can read to learn more about Selenium. You can also watch the below-mentioned video tutorial to learn Selenium in-depth.


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