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What is the Difference between Selenium IDE and Webdriver?

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The difference between Selenium IDE vs WebDriver is pretty simple. Selenium IDE is a tool for recording test cases and for playback of those tests. Whereas Selenium WebDriver is a tool for writing test cases in programmatic fashion. That is what you need to know on a higher level. WebDriver is the de-facto industry automation testing tool. But IDE is not because it is limited in its approach of building the test case.

You can use your programming skills for developing the test case logic in WebDriver. But with IDE, we have to make do with whatever appears on your Firefox browser screen and perform actions on them. IDE works only on Firefox. WebDriver works on all browser platforms. IDE has no PL support. WebDriver supports the following PL: Java, Python, C#, Perl, Ruby, .Net.

That’s pretty much it! If you want to see the differences from a practical standpoint, then read the tutorial on these two tools. The links are below.

Read the Selenium IDE tutorial to get a better understanding. 

Selenium WebDriver tutorial: Selenium Tutorial – Learn Selenium from Experts

Selenium Training Course: Selenium Training Certification Course

Selenium tutorial video tutorial: 


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