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What are the most common problems faced while working in automation testing using Selenium?

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I am mentioning some of the common problems faced which you can also face while working automation testing using Selenium:-

  • Selenium only supports web Testing.

  • There is no object repository built in, you need to create a framework.

  • Selenium is not a complete, comprehensive solution to fully automating the testing of web applications. It requires third-party frameworks, language bindings and so on to be truly effective.

  • Despite Selenium’s acceptance of other test script languages, it demands higher-level technical skills, such as programming, from QA team members.

  • Selenium has no test management facilities. Test scripts are saved as simple files without attributes. Organizing individual scripts in any fashion via a user interface requires a third-party tool or a custom application.

  • Because native “Selenese” test scripts are not user-friendly in terms of readability, they are difficult to modify. Many testers simply resort to discarding the original scripts and recording them again, which can be time-consuming. Can be overcome by the framework.

  • Selenium does not support test and result sharing in anything but a manual way. Need to add a reporting mechanism. Ex. Extent reports

  • There is no support for running tests in parallel on a single computer. TestNG can do that?

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