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So, I started learning to code in Python and later Django. The first time it was hard looking at tracebacks and actually figure out what I did wrong and where the syntax error was. Some time has passed now and some way along the way, I guess I got a routine in debugging my Django code. As this was done early in my coding experience, I sat down and wondered if how I was doing this was ineffective and could be done faster. I usually manage to find and correct the bugs in my code, but I wonder if I should be doing it faster?

I usually just use the debug info Django gives when enabled. When things do end up as I thought it would, I break the code flow a lot with a syntax error and look at the variables at that point in the flow to figure out, where the code does something other than what I wanted.

But can this be improved? Are there some good tools or better ways to debug your Django code?

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For debugging in Django there are many ways, but the most straightforward way is simply to use the Python debugger. To do so just add the following line into a Django view function:-

import pdb;


If you are using Python 3.7 then you can use the following function:-


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