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Why doesn't Docker compose work with Kubernetes?

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The reason is very simple, both docker composer and Kubernetes have two different syntaxes and purposes. You might as well ask why a GCC compiler can not compile .py files.

Talking about Docker Compose, it is for running multiple containers together. On the other hand, Kubernetes is for Orchestration of containers when running on multiple nodes. If you are a developer you might love Docker Compose reason because it helps you with unit testing by putting your service along with other services involves in a compose file. But for Ops or Infra guys, he would love Kubernetes better.

But if you like Kubernetes for what it offers and like Docker Compose, you should try Docker Swarm (Swarm mode overview). Now it offers stack deploy (docker stack deploy) which can work with a docker-compose file. If you want to learn Docker then you must take up the following Docker training course. I am also mentioning a video tutorial that you can watch to learn more about Docker.

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