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I have looked around quite a bit and haven't found the best solution to convert an existing IntelliJ project to Gradle. I work in a team environment and we currently share the .ipr file as we have a few build configurations that we track. We will be getting rid of those in favor of Gradle eventually but I can't screw things up too much until the Gradle conversion is done.

Also, our Java source files are located in the root of the src directory instead of src/main/java as is standard.

Is there a way I can add Gradle to my project that won't make me delete and recreate my IntelliJ project and won't screw everyone else up when they do a Git pull?

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There is no need to remove any .iml files. Follow this:

  • close the project
  • File -> Open... and choose your newly created build.gradle
  • IntelliJ will ask you whether you want:
    • Open Existing Project
    • Delete Existing Project and Import
  • Choose the second option and you are done

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