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What are the changed features in Selenium 3 compared to Selenium 2.53?

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Below are some of the changes which are made in Selenium 3 as compared to other versions:- 

  • Selenium3, Selenium Core has been removed but supports Selenium RC however Selenium 2 is a combination of Selenium 1.0 (IDE) + RC.

  • Selenium 3 does not have HeadLess Driver. Whereas Selenium 2 has HeadLess Driver (HtmlWebDriver). 

  • Selenium 2 is not part of W3C standards but Selenium 3 has become W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standard.

  • Selenium 3 supports Firefox Browser version 47+. Whereas Selenium 2 support firefox version up to 47 and Require gecko driver for latest versions of Firefox.

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