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How do I find xpath without using firebug/firepath in Selenium?

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There are many ways to find XPath apart from finding out XPath using firebug/firepath, what you can do is use Chrome browser also without any extension. On any element Right click and do Inspect Element, you will see a highlighted locator in the console of Chrome browser. Now right click on the highlighted locator, select Copy Xpath option and paste it in your code. Also, you can go for searching the elements in chrome by making or writing your own XPath to find the specific elements. Just press F12 on the webpage, go to elements tab and press Ctrl + F and you can write the XPath of any locator staring from any <div> or any other tags and then navigating to appropriate element. Hope the answer is useful for you. You can learn Selenium by using following Selenium training Course. You can also watch the following Selenium video tutorial to learn all about Selenium.

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