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What are the Features of Selenium IDE?

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Below are some of the important features of Selenium IDE:-

There are many components of Selenium IDE, each one is having their own features and functionalities. We have categorized seven different components of Selenium IDE, which includes:

1. Menu Bar:-

At the top, most portion of the Selenium IDE interface menu bar is positioned. The most commonly used modules of menu bar include.

2. Toolbar:-

  • The Toolbar contains modules for controlling the execution of your test cases. In addition, it gives you a step feature for debugging your test cases. The most commonly used modules of ToolBar menu include:

  • Speed Control Option. The toolbar allows you to control the execution speed of your test cases.

3. Address Bar:-

This module provides you with a dropdown menu that remembers all previous values for the base URL. In simple words, the base URL address bar remembers the previously visited websites so that the navigation becomes easy later on.

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