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What is Salesforce Lightning? Which institute in India provides the best Salesforce Lightning certification course?

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Salesforce Lightning is a component-based framework born out of the Salesforce ecosystem. This framework is exclusively designed for simplifying business processes and is targeted at business users who do not have any prior programming experience. Intellipaat’s career-oriented Salesforce Lightning Training and Certification is designed by the industry’s leading professionals for aspiring professionals and jobseekers, to enhance their career prospects. Besides, there are a host of benefits that the learners get by enrolling in this course:

·         24/7 support for uninterrupted learning

·         Placement opportunities in prestigious companies for outstanding performers

·         Lifetime access to course materials

·         Unlimited access to the frequently upgraded course materials

·         One-on-one mentoring

Also, to get started with Salesforce Lightning, you can check out our below video:

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