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What are some practical usages of Salesforce Lightning?

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Salesforce Lightning is extensively used in building interactively responsive applications, and it is thus accepted due to the immense popularity of other Salesforce products among the hotshot MNCs. This framework is synonymous wherever the Salesforce technology used. Furthermore, this framework is used prominently for building cloud-based business applications, enterprise applications, etc.

If you wish to build responsive Salesforce applications, then consider signing up for Intellipaat’s placement-oriented Salesforce Lightning Training program. There are many benefits that come along with this course:

  • Placement opportunities in high-growth startups and prestigious organizations
  • Industry-leading professionals as course faculty
  • Completely free access to course materials
  • Free access to the upgraded materials
  • 24/7 learning and query resolution support


To broaden your understanding of Salesforce Lightning, you can watch our video:


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