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What are the top 5 features of Salesforce Lightning?

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Salesforce Lightning has many cutting-edge features under its hood. Here, we present five of the best features of Salesforce Lightning:

  • Integration with lightning voice: This state-of-the-technology allows you to make voice calls, take notes, and record calls directly from Salesforce, without the need of any third-party library.
  • Cutting-edge embedded features: SteelBrick is a cutting-edge plugin that is built into the Lightning module, which enables Sales cloud to do all tasks in the business structure, including Configure Price Quote (CPQ)
  • Novice-friendly Application Builder: As the name suggests, this feature allows you to build interactive applications without needing to code; its interactive Application Builder lets you easily drag and drop components and build the apps in a jiffy.
  • Snap-ins to light up the apps: These are the feature-rich plugins that can provide a lot of power to your apps.
  • Easy sign-in with Outlook: Using your Microsoft Outlook account, you can seamlessly access your Salesforce Lightning application.


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To boost your understanding of Salesforce Lightning, do check out our video tutorial:

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