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How to make a control chart in tableau?

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Hi Vaibhav,
Control chart is used to see outliers for period of time or data. Follow these steps to make control chart:
1. Make a chart (line chart/scatter plot, etc) that you want to check the outliers or those odd one out.
2. calculated field need to be created that performs average of window elements by WINDOW_AVG().
3. Create calculated field to fix the boundaries of outliers using standard deviation and average.
       Define limit as window_avg([Field])  window_stdev([Field])
4. Create Calculated field to find the lower and upper limit of boundaries.
5. Now Drag and drop all the fields in details shelf.
6. Now switch to analytics pane and add reference lines for all 3, select each of them and plot the lines.
7. Then format all lines and edit their font and styles.

Hope this helps you.

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