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What are the various services provided by Salesforce? Where can I get the best Salesforce Training video?

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Salesforce provides, or rather acts as two types of services, namely, Product as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). As PaaS, Salesforce helps in the following ways:

  • Allows to easily build blockchain applications and networks using code and tools
  • Helps to easily share data between business and customers
  • Helps in easily publishing the apps on the Apple Store and Play Store
  • Allows quick launch of new digital experiences for the customers
  • Helps in upgrading the security of the organization

Salesforce as SaaS helps in numerous ways as well. Some of the popular Salesforce software include:

  • Salesforce Analytics Cloud: Helps to handle large files of data and methods of visualization
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud: Helps in providing good customer supports and data integration
  • Salesforce Community Cloud: Helps in providing a social platform to the employees of the firm
  • Salesforce Health Cloud: Helps in managing hospital records
  • Salesforce IOT Cloud: Helps in managing a large volume of data from multiple sources

To learn more about the services of Salesforce, read this Salesforce Tutorial and to learn about certifications, you can visit Salesforce Certifications.

Here is one of the best Salesforce Training video:

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