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I'm a new tableau developer trying to develop a table based tableau report. I have a column in the table called "Status" which essentially contains 3 values "In progress", "Blocked" and "Completed". I want to colour code the cells of this column based on these text values. Did anyone face this problem? Kindly let me know how you solved it.

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You can use the following steps to get it resolved

  1. Drag the Status to Color on the Marks card.

  2. Optimize the view format:

    • On the Marks card, select Square as the mark type.

    • Make the columns wider by pressing Ctrl + Right arrow (on a Mac, the combination is z"). Hold down Ctrl (or z) and continue pressing the Right arrow key until the headings for Segment are displayed in full:

    • Increase the mark size by pressing Ctrl + Shift + B (on a Mac: ñzB). Hold down Ctrl + Shift (ñz) and continue to press B until the squares are large enough.

  3. Drag Status to the Text on the Marks card

Using this you will get the desired visualization
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