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I created a dashboard in Tableau 9.2 but when I try to publish to the 9.1 Tableau Server, it did not allowed me to publish it. But when I tried with 9.0 it worked (9.0 is compatible with the Tableau Server). Can someone help me to publish the Tableau v9.2 dashboard?

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Following is a little hack that will work for you:

  • Unpack/unzip the .twbx file if you have a .twbx file, to get the .twb file. (To unpackage/unzip: Change the file extension from .twbx to .zip and unzip how you would normally any .zip file. On OSX, double-clicking the .zip file in Finder unzips it and displays the separated .twb and .tde files).
  • Open the .twb file in a text editor.
  • Towards the top, you will see a line like this

<workbook source-platform='win' version='9.1' xml:base='' xmlns:user=''>

  • Change the version='9.2' (which is the Tableau Desktop version you saved the .twb file in) to the version compatible with the server, eg. version='9.1'. Open the file in the Tableau Desktop version you just switched the text to, eg. Tableau Desktop 9.1 in this case. (Tableau allows installing multiple concurrent versions on the same machine).

  • You should now be able to publish your dashboard to the Tableau Server.

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