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What are the components of Docker Swarm?

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Docker Swarm is a tool for Docker Containers that are used for the purpose of clustering and scheduling. With the help of this tool, developers can establish as well as manage a cluster of nodes by treating it as a single virtual machine. In order to perform the multiple tasks of scheduling and clustering, Docker Swarm has four major components:

  • Service: It helps in defining the task that has to be executed on the manager nodes and also, the worker nodes.
  • Task: It refers to the containers of docker that execute the commands that were defined in the service.
  • Manager Node: The manager node has a few responsibilities like accepting command to create service objects, allocating the IP addresses to the various tasks, and assigning the tasks to the nodes.
  • Worker Node: It is responsible for checking the tasks assigned and also executing the containers.

You can learn in detail about Docker Swarm and its components by watching this video below:

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