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I have a workflow that has two parameters as input. One is Log File Path and the Other is a message in UI Path. I can use this workflow as by 'Invoke Workflow' activity but I want a custom activity where can I directly use the workflow by giving the dependency to the project.

I have seen that we can convert it into a nuget package and use it but not sure how can I do that.

There is no code involved.

I expect the activity should be coming up in the activity panel instead of using the invoke workflow activity.

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In the version 2018.3 and above you can create a library project in the uipath studio, where you put your workflow file after this you can publish the library to the orchestrator or the file system through the package manager. You can then import this in your project and use it as a custom activity.

here is the link to 'Library documentation' for your reference:

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