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Why should I opt for a career in Azure? Where can I get the best Azure Training for Beginners?

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Since most of the major organizations are uploading their crucial data in cloud and accessing it with the help of Azure, it is safe to say that the demands of professionals in Azure all over the world is increasing. Some of the other reasons, why it is wise to opt for a career in Azure, are:

  • Over 1,000 new users are signing up for Azure that means there is a lot of demand for Azure professionals
  • Over 57% of the fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Azure
  • The commercial cloud revenue of Microsoft has increased by 104% with the help of Azure leading to high salaries in this profession

Intellipaat offers you the best Azure Administrator certification for beginners where you will learn all the advanced concepts and become an Azure Developer.

You should also, watch this Azure tutorial to understand the concept:

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