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What is Big Data? How to learn Big Data Hadoop?

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Big Data is a large set of data that can be analyzed using computer systems in order to find patterns, and trends mostly relating to human interactions and behavior. The data set can be either structured or unstructured. Big Data widely has four characteristics to handle structured and unstructured data which include volume, variety, velocity, and variability.

  • Volume: The size of Big Data is huge. Data can only be considered as Big Data if it has a large volume.
  • Variety: There are a number of sources of data in both structured as well as unstructured format.
  • Velocity: It refers to the speed in which the data is generated and processed in order to meet business demands.
  • Variability: This term refers to data inconsistency. If the data shows inconsistency from time-to-time then it might hamper the process of effective handling and managing of data.

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To learn more about Big Data, watch this video:

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