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I am trying to create my first web app on Bluemix.

I created a Java Liberty Runtime and downloaded the Starter Code to work on Eclipse.

I installed IBM Bluemix tools to Eclipse and imported the starter code as an archive file.

When I try to run the application on IBM Bluemix Server, it is recognizing the starter code as another new application and saying "There is a deployed application with the same name." So, I cannot update the application on eclipse and also there is two different applications are being seen on server view:

alt text

When I try to go the application homepage it is giving:

Not Found

The application or context root for this request has not been found: /

Thanks for any comments.

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For deploying an application on eclipse there is easier way after the update 

Let’s see how to deploy 

To map a project, right click on an existing application in the Servers view and select Map to Project.

As the update gives you the ability to map and unmap a project in your workspace 

For further doubts go through the reference which is official documentation.


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