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I am using AWS ec2 instance. On this instance, I'm resulting in some files. These operations are done by user data.

Now I want to store those files on s3 by writing code in user data itself.

  • So how can I store those files on s3?

  • Have any tutorials on it?


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Using the most recent AWS CLI (http://aws.amazon.com/cli/) you can use the following commands to copy files from your Ec2 Instance or even your local machine to S3 storage.

aws s3 cp myfolder s3://mybucket/myfolder --recursive

You'll then get something like:

upload: myfolder/file1.txt to s3://mybucket/myfolder/file1.txt 

upload: myfolder/subfolder/file1.txt to s3://mybucket/myfolder/subfolder/file1.txt

If this is your first usage of the aws CLI tool then you'll need to run:

aws configure

This will ask you to enter your access key & secret along with specifying a default region.

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