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I am trying to run the following code:

import sys

import time

dirPath = './copyleaks'

if dirPath not in sys.path:

    sys.path.insert(0, dirPath)

from copyleakscloud import CopyleaksCloud

from processoptions import ProcessOptions

from product import Product


An example of using the Copyleaks Python SDK and checking for status and reciving the results.


if __name__ == '__main__':


    Change to your account credentials.

    If you don't have an account yet visit

    Your API-KEY is available at your dashboard on of the product that you would like to use.

    Currently available products: Businesses, Education and Websites.


    cloud = CopyleaksCloud(Product.Businesses, '[email protected]', '***************')

    print("You've got %s Copyleaks %s API credits" % (cloud.getCredits(), cloud.getProduct())) #get credit balance

    options = ProcessOptions()


    Add this process option to your process to use sandbox mode.

    The process will not consume any credits and will return dummy results.

    For more info about optional headers visit



    # Available process options

#     options.setHttpCallback("")

#     options.setHttpInProgressResultsCallback("")

#     options.setEmailCallback("[email protected]")

#     options.setCustomFields({'Custom': 'field'})

#     options.setAllowPartialScan(True)

#     options.setCompareDocumentsForSimilarity(True)  # Available only on compareByFiles

#     options.setImportToDatabaseOnly(True)  # Available only on Education API

    print("Submitting a scan request...")


    Create a scan process using one of the following methods.

    Available methods:

    createByUrl, createByOcr, createByFile, createByText and createByFiles.

    For more information visit


    process = cloud.createByUrl('', options)

    # process = cloud.createByOcr('ocr-example.jpg', eOcrLanguage.English, options)

    # process = cloud.createByFile('test.txt', options)

    # process = cloud.createByText("Lorem ipsum torquent placerat quisque rutrum tempor lacinia aliquam habitant ligula arcu faucibus gravida, aenean orci lacinia mattis purus consectetur conubia mauris amet nibh consequat turpis dictumst hac ut nullam sodales nunc aenean pharetra, aenean ut sagittis leo massa nisi duis nullam iaculis, nulla ultrices consectetur facilisis curabitur scelerisque quisque primis elit sagittis dictum felis ornare class porta rhoncus lobortis donec praesent curabitur cubilia nec eleifend fringilla fusce vivamus elementum semper nisi conubia dolor, eros habitant nisl suspendisse venenatis interdum nulla interdum, libero urna maecenas potenti nam habitant aliquam donec class sem hendrerit tempus.")

    # processes, errors = cloud.createByFiles(['path/to/file1', 'path/to/file2'], options)

    print ("Submitted. In progress...")

    iscompleted = False

    while not iscompleted:

        # Get process status

        [iscompleted, percents] = process.isCompleted()

        print ('%s%s%s%%' % ('#' * int(percents / 2), "-" * (50 - int(percents / 2)), percents))

        if not iscompleted:


    print ("Process Finished!")

    # Get the scan results

    results = process.getResults()

    print ('\nFound %s results...' % (len(results)))

    for result in results:




        # Optional: Download result full text. Uncomment to activate

        #print ("Result full-text:")



        # Optional: Download comparison report. Uncomment to activate

        #print ("Comparison report:")


        #print (process.getResultComparison(result))

    # Optional: Download source full text. Uncomment to activate.

    #print ("Source full-text:")



And I end up with the following error:

import requests ImportError: No module named requests

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You are getting this error because you are using the requests module but you have not installed it. You need to use pip to install it in your system for python to be able to use it. Like this:

pip install requests

If you wish to get a more in depth understanding of python you can watch this YouTube video:

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