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What am I doing wrong here, please help me :)

aws dynamodb put-item --table-name PhoneBook --item '{"PhoneNo":{"S","12345"},"Name":{"S","abc"}}' --return-consumed-capacity TOTAL

Error parsing parameter '--item': Expected: '=', received: ''' for input:




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If you don’t escape the double quotes in your statement then you will get the same error. Try the below line in AWS CLI and it should work.

aws dynamodb put-item --table-name PhoneBook --item "{""PhoneNo"":{""S"",""12345""},""Name"":{""S"",""abc""}}" --return-consumed-capacity TOTAL

This would be the output:


    "ConsumedCapacity": {

        "TableName": "PhoneBook",

        "CapacityUnits": 1.0



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