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So, i have been working on ansible tool.

This is what my task looks like:

- name: Create a started container


      name: test-container-started

      container_log: true

      template: ubuntu

      state: started

      template_options: --release trusty

this is the error i am getting:

> TASK: [lxc | Create a started container]

> **************************************  failed: [localhost] => {"failed": true, "parsed": false}

> BECOME-SUCCESS-azsyqtknxvlowmknianyqnmdhuggnanw failed=True msg='The

> lxc module is not importable. Check the requirements.' The lxc module

> is not importable. Check the requirements.

> FATAL: all hosts have already failed -- aborting

Can someone help me out ?

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If you use Debian or Ubuntu as a host system, python-lxc package will be available already. The best way to install it is Ansible of course, just before lxc_container tasks:


    - name: Install provisioning dependencies

      apt: name=python-lxc

    - name: Create docker1.lxc container


        name: docker1


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