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So, i've been working with Ansible and have created a playbook that helps me create a cloud instance and then installs few programs on it.

What i want to do is to run this playbook multiple times without using a bash script. How can I work with 'with_items' It seemed like it would be a good approach to my issue, but too bad we cant use this anymore.

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Providing the example, you can take the reference:

- hosts: all

  gather_facts: false


    - include: demo.yml some_var={{item}}


      - x

      - y

      - z

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Well unfortunately 'With_items' has stopped working but don't worry a new version is coming up. Try working with the v2 branch from github. You can  move your tasks into a role and reference this particular role multiple times in you playbook with 1.9.1.

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