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I have an incoming stream data that can’t be consumed at one pace plus it needs a buffer. Does Kineses and SNS-SQS deal with it differently?

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There are few things you will have to consider before choosing between SQS or Kinesis.

  1. Is it a single customer need or multiple customers at the user end?
  2. Higher read throughput required?
  3. Do you want replay your messages again?

So, if your answer for question 1 is Yes, then go with Kinesis and if it is a single customer then go ahead with SQS.

If the answer for question 2 is No, then go for kinesis else choose SQS.

If you want to Replay your messages, go with Kinesis because it holds the message for 24 hours but SQS will delete it once the customer views it.

Now, coming to SNS. If ayou want to send a particular type of mails or SMS to a set of people; for example, web developers of your company, then you can set up a Topic with all of their emails as subscriptions and send them constant mails.

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