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I have looked up in a lot of places and the practices vary in tutorials. Some instructors use the normal HDFS browser and some use Hue.

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Yes, there are a tonne of advantages as HDFS file browser is a bare minimum UI implement to see HDFS files in a graphical interface. Let's refer to the official Hue site feature summary:

HUE File Browser lets you perform more advanced file operations:

  • Download
  • Rename
  • Move
  • Copy
  • Recursive change of permissions
  • Recursive change of ownership
  • Sort by attributes (e.g. name, size, date…)
  • View content of zip/gz text
  • View content of huge files
  • Drag & drop files to upload

In the default file browser, you can only look up the existing directory and your actionable capability on the data present inside the hdfs is only limited to that. But here, as you can see in the aforementioned feature rundown, there are several functionalities that hue offers that are not present in hdfs file browser by default. 

If you want to learn how to use both, the stock file browser AND hue, as they are both important to understand from a conceptual standpoint, and, in the process of that, get certain career benefits, you should consider a hadoop certification

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