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When i try to run site.yaml(playbook for role), i am getting the following error:

Here, it is showing me this error when i run install.yaml(playbook for installing the software inside a role) It gives me no error.

Any insights regarding this will be helpful.

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Reason: This occurs due to syntax issues, and if your node machine doesn't consist of proper permissions to install the software.

TL/DR: You need to check the /etc/ansible/hosts file and add the node-user that you want to run this playbook.

Solution: Due to the recent updates with ansible, we cannot grant sudo permissions directly from the playbook. For this you need to mention the user inside /etc/ansible/hosts/ as shown below:

Then remove all sudo permissions from your playbook. Which will help you to run the playbook, and modify your site.yaml as shown below:

 For more information check out this ansible tutorial.

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