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How can I rename the files which are already in S3?

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Yes, you can do that from the AWS CLI, with the mv command. Let me give you the step by step process. I am assuming you already have created the S3 bucket and added few objects.

Steps to rename files:

  1. Download and install the AWS CLI tool
  2. Then use the command aws configure and provide the necessary details. Follow this documentation - AWS configure documentation
  3. Use this command directly or save it in a file and call it : aws s3 -recursive mv s3://bucketname/foldername/filename s3://bucketname/foldername/newfilename
  4. Provide the appropriate information in the bucketname, foldername and filename parts. Enter the newfilename which you want in the second part.

That's it! This should work.

For more information, check out this AWS S3 tutorial. Want to become AWS Certified, then take a look at this AWS Course.

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