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So I learned that there are a lot of services that are defined  docker-compose.yml. I started a few of these services. I want to create only one of these and then start it up without using the other services 

These are the commands I have run :

docker-compose up -d # run all services
docker-compose stop nginx # stop only one. but it still running !!!
docker-compose build --no-cache nginx 
docker-compose up -d --no-deps # link nginx to other services

I got a nginx container by the end and I also learned that docker-compose will not kill all running containers!


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Use this command , It should work :

$docker-compose up -d --no-deps --build <service_name> 

You can refer to these optional flags that you can use with the docker compose up command :


-d, --detach: Detached mode: Run containers in the background, print new container names. Incompatible with  --abort-on-container-exit.

--no-deps: Don't start linked services.
--force-recreate:  Recreate containers even if their configuration                        and image haven't changed.

--build :  Build images before starting containers.

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