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I need to add an attribute dynamically in dynamodb but I’m encountering an error as The provided key element does not match the schema". May I know If I’m able to add?

The scenario is as follows:

{ id : "123", imageName : "elephant.jpg" }

Also, I need to add an attribute to the above data  - imagePath: "/path/to/image" and use put_item for adding an attribute that replaces the older item. Please let me know how to add an attribute dynamically to an existing data using update_item or else should I need to alter the schema with imagePath before using update_item function?

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It can be done over in a two-step process but it can’t be done in a single step:

  1. Insert the data and if the key value is already there please do not perform any operations like insert or update.

  2. Update item if you find the following:


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