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Now normally I know that we can change the name of a docker image like this :

$ docker build -t guy/dude:v2 . # Will be named guy/dude:v2

How can we do this ( define the name) inside of a Dockerfile. This way I wouldn't have to keep on writing the docker build command.

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Normally this isn't supported by dockerfile and hence the docker build command is used.

Well there is a workaround - you can try using docker-compose.yml file as it easily identifies the target image name, so if you run the docker-compose build command it will work.

Make sure your docker-compose file looks something like this :

version: '2'

    build: .
    image: guy/dude:v2

But this isn't standard, you should rather try running a small shell script that will pass all the arguments and also will include the docker image name.

Incase of production the build can be handled by jenkins or whichever CI/CD server you are using, it will have the name of the image inside the pipeline code.

Hope that helped :)

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