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So I've been trying to build my image, but I keep getting this error:

Step 18 : RUN mkdir /var/www/app && chown luqo33:www-data /var/www/app ---> Running in 7b5854406120 mkdir: cannot create directory '/var/www/app': No such file or directory

It seems that I am getting an error because of this section of my docker file :

FROM ubuntu:14.04
RUN groupadd -r luqo33 && useradd -r -g luqo33 luqo33

<installing nginx, fpm, php and a couple of other things>

RUN mkdir /var/www/app && chown luqo33:www-data /var/www/app
VOLUME /var/www/app
WORKDIR /var/www/app

Can someone Help me out here ?

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Well, the directory /var/www does not exist either and the issue is that mkdir command is recursive by default, i.e. mkdir assumes that the immediate parent directory already exists.

Try using this :

mkdir -p /var/www/app

Or what you can do is , you can try and install a package that makes a /var/www before itself.

Hope that helped :)

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