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I want to shift my career to big data. Can anyone tell me how much does a Hadoop developer earn?

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The average salary of a Hadoop developer in India is around 14 lakhs INR per annum. In the USA and in the UK, the average salaries of a Hadoop developer are $126,000 and 61000 per year.

Salaries of Hadoop developers can vary with companies.  Amazon pays on average of 27 LPA, Intel pays 10 LPA, SAP pays 8.5 LPA on average for a Hadoop developer.

Salaries of a Hadoop developer varies with the location also. In Mumbai, the average salary of a Hadoop developer is 12.9 LPA. In Bengaluru and in New Delhi, a Hadoop developer gets 10.48 LPA and 10.4 LPA on average.

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