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Is there a way to see some code, when writing automation with uipath? I have the following in UiPath Studio:

enter image description here

Is there a way to see the code that looks like this or something similar in c#

Sub Main

    Dim year as Integer

    year = InputBox()

    If year mod 4 = 0 Then         'the rule for leapyear is a bit different.

        MsgBox "It is leap"


        MsgBox "It is not leap"

    End If

End Sub

My logic (or hope) is that if the UiPath Studio works with VB expression, then it should be possible to see the generated code

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 UiPath Studio automatically "translates" the diagrams to ‘xaml’
Hence you can create a work flow and look into its xaml code , it will look something like this


  <Variable x:TypeArguments="x:Int32" Default="2013" Name="year" />





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