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A. One famous ​market-basket analysis shows a high correlation of the purchase of beer and baby diapers.
B. In​ the market-basket analysis, the ratio of confidence to the base probability of buying an item is called purchase probability.
C. The market-basket analysis is interesting but does not have any real ​pay-off in terms of selling goods.
D. In​ the market-basket analysis, resistance is the chance that two items will be purchased together.
E. No one expects that ​market-basket analysis will become a standard CRM analysis technique.

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The correct option is option A (One famous market-basket the analysis shows a high correlation of the purchase of beer and baby diapers). In 1992, a study on Osco drugs stores data shows a strong correlation between beers and diapers i.e. many of them whoever bought diapers also bought beer and vice versa. Later the same experiment was recreated in several grocery and drug stores, many of the cases there was a strong correlation.

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