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I have a set-up running on Amazon cloud with a couple of EC2 Instances running through a load balancer.

It is important that the site has a unique(static) IP or set of IPs as I'm plugging in 3rd party APIs which only accept requests made from IPs which have been added to their whitelist.

So basically unless we can give these 3rd parties a static IP or range of IPs that the requests from the site will always come from then we would be unable to make any calls to them.

Does anyone know how to achieve this as I know that Elastic IPs are not compatible with load balancers?

If I were to look up the IP of the load balancer DNS name (e.g. resolves to would that IP is Static?

Any help/advise

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The IP addresses of your load balancer aren't static. In any event, your incoming load balancer IP would not be used for outgoing connections.

You could assign elastic IPs to the particular instances behind the load balancer, which would then be used for outgoing requests. You get five free elastic IPs, and that I believe you'll apply for additional if you need them.

Additionally if using a VPC and if your instances are in a private subnet then they will only be able to access the internet via the NAT instance(s) you set up, and you'll, in fact, assign an elastic IP to the NAT instances

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