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I have a metadata activity to get the files in one of my azure data factory pipeline and its linked to a data lake. Is there any method available in the Azure data factory for sorting the available files based on the file name in the metadata activity?

Sample output for the Metadata activity is given below

"childitems" :[ { "name":"File_20200101.csv", "type": "File" }, { "name":"File_20200501.csv", "type": "File" }, { "name":"File_20200301.csv", "type": "File" }, { "name":"File_20200201.csv", "type": "File" } ]

I need to get the files in the below-given order.

"childitems" :[ { "name":"File_20200101.csv", "type": "File" }, { "name":"File_20200201.csv", "type": "File" }, { "name":"File_20200301.csv", "type": "File" }, { "name":"File_20200501.csv", "type": "File" } ]

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We can use SQL server table to store the array values and then used a lookup activity with a order by file name query inside another loop to get the sorted filenames. This helped me to solve the sorting problem

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