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I am new to data science and I am taking a long time to learn the concepts. Now I am working on a list that consists of 6600 elements, It also contains a vector of characters. The list has a name corresponding to a particular gene

The list looks like this:

GenesSplitted_________list[6600]_______List of length 6600

_____YBOR24W__________list[330]________Liost of length 330

Each element in the list looks like this:



[1] "ATG"


[1] "TTG"


[1] "AAT"


[1] "AGT"


[1] "TCA

I am trying to apply a loop so that I can transform the list into a data frame. I try extracting each element from the list and apply the code to convert. The code is as follows:

a <- as.matrix(GenesSplitted[[1]]) #first element of the list into matrix

a <- #transformed into dataframe

a$transcript <- df[1,1] # assign a new column named 

                        # transcript with the name 

                        # indicated in another data frame 

                        # with the gene name

I am getting the output as shown which I wanted:

1   ATG YBR024W

2   TTG YBR024W

3   AAT YBR024W

4   AGT YBR024W

5   TCA YBR024W

6   AGA YBR024W

7   AAA YBR024W

8   TAT YBR024W 

After changing to the data frame I tried to loop the list again and created an empty list with 6600 which is pretending to fill the loop.

GenesSplittedFrames <- vector(mode = "list", length = 6600) #Empty list for the frames

z<- 1

for (frame in GenesSplitted[[]]){

  a <- as.matrix(GenesSplitted[[frame]])

  b <-

  b$transcript <- df[z,1]


  z <- z+1


But I am not able to get the desired output. please, someone, help me solve it?

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I have not used the nested loop because I don't have reproducible data. But this code works for your problem.

# Create an empty list for the frames

GenesSplittedFrames <- vector(mode = "list", length = 6600) 

for (frame_inx in seq_along(GenesSplitted)){

  a <- as.matrix(GenesSplitted[[frame_inx]])

  b <-

  b$transcript <- df[frame_inx, 1]


  GenesSplittedFrames[[frame_inx]] <- b


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