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Welcome! I very much enjoyed programming artificial intelligence in my studies - neural networks, expert machines, and others. But at work, I develop mainly web applications.

And now I think about returning to such programming, maybe in the hobby, or maybe at work. Are there areas where AI is commonly used in applications development and programmer with such skills can search for work?

Or maybe I can be sold some ideas to my boss and use AI to extend some of our applications.

What are your experiences and ideas with using AI in applications?

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Here are the top 12 Most Popular Artificial Intelligence Software where you can implement the algorithms based on AI:

1.Cloud Machine Learning Engine

2.Azure Machine Learning Studio

3.Salesforce Einstein

4.IBM Watson

5.Apache PredictionIO

6.Nvidia Deep Learning AI







You can refer to the following link for better understanding: https://www.predictiveanalyticstoday.com/artificial-intelligence-platforms/

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