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I have quite recently started to connect a web platform that I work on to other quite complex systems mostly written in C#. Most of my experience is in web development in PHP and JavaScript And I also have some experience in writing web services in WCF.

Sadly I had experienced many difficulties in writing WCF services for my PHP web platform, slow development, very (very) complicated configurations in-order to respond well in JSON and to work RESTful and more.

Naturally, I started looking around at other technologies, one, in particular, caught my eye Node.js which might be perfect for me because I have quite a lot of experience in JavaScript and that way I won't need my windows server anymore. My other option is, of course, to keep writing services in C# but switch to ASP.NET Web API instead. The switch will probably be much easier than from WCF to Node.js.

Any thoughts or suggestions on the matter? Does anyone have experience in writing web services in Node.js and can point me in the direction of a good tutorial? or am I way off and I shouldn't be using Node.js for web services at all?

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