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Can anyone tell me the methods to create RDD in spark?

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In Spark, RDD can be created using parallelizing, referencing an external dataset, or creating another RDD from an existing RDD.

Here is an example how to create a RDD using Parallelize() method:

from pyspark import SparkContext

words = spark.sparkContext.parallelize ( ["Spark", "is", "easy", "and", "awesome"])

count_words = words.count ( )

print("Number of elements in RDD”, (count_words))

Here is an example to load a dataset and create RDD:

val dataRDD ="path_of_csv/file").rdd #For csv file

val dataRDD ="path_of_json/file").rdd #For json file

val dataRDD ="path_of_text/file").rdd #For text file

Here is an example to create an RDD from an existing RDD:

val rdd1=spark.sparkContext.parallelize(Seq( ["Spark", "is", "easy", "and", "awesome"])

val rdd_new= => (w.charAt(0), w))


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You can watch this video to understand more about creating Spark RDD:

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