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I want a way to create a empty data.frame in R, I just want to point out data types for each column and name it without any row created.

df <- data.frame(Date=as.Date("29/05/2019", format="%d/%m/%Y"), 
                 File="", User="", stringsAsFactors=FALSE)
df <- df[-1,]

currently I am using this command, which is doing  my work but also creating a row which is waste to me.

Suggest me a more efficient way to do it.

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To create a data frame with empty rows, just initialize it with empty vectors as follows:

dataframe <- data.frame(Date=as.Date(character()),






'data.frame':  0 obs. of  3 variables:

 $ Date: 'Date' num(0) 

 $ File: chr

 $ User: chr

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To get empty data.frame you can just create data.frame by using only 0-length variables and it'll give you empty data.frame.

dataframe <- data.frame(Date=as.Date(character(0)),





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